SS8H4 Events that will lead to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights

SS8H4 Events that will lead to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights


A. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the GA Constitution and the Articles of Confederation.


    Georgia’s first constitution was made in 1777. It was adopted in Savannah. One of the things that the constitution had done was create eight counties (Burke, Camden, Chatham, Effingham, Glynn, Richmond, Liberty, and Wikes counties). The Constitution had many issues, some of them being that the constitution had created a troubled unicameral system. Another problem the constitution possessed was that the governor had little power. This was because the colonies had broken free and had no intentions of making “another Britain” where one man/woman held all the power. Instead they gave the majority of the power to the legislature.

    It was things like these that caused the constitution to be changed in 1789. Even though it was changed, it took the state many more times before they came up with the perfect constution.


    The Articles of Confederation was ratified by Georgia in 1778. It served as the first U.S. Constitution. The Articles, like Georgia’s constitution, had not been a good and stable constitution. This was because the government was weak, there was only one branch (legislative), and the states could issue their own paper money. Some of the good things were that the country could declare war/peace and create new states/territories.


    There were more liabilities that resulted from the articles than assets. When the government tried to put the Articles into action, it messed up everything. This caused another document to replace it. It was the U.S. Constitution.


B. Describe GA’s role in the Constitutional Convention of 1787.


    The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was a convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Representatives from all of the states attended. Georgia’s representatives were Abraham Baldwin and William Few. Both of the representatives signed the Constitution.


    Georgia liked the constitution partly because of its legislature. The constitution created the senate and the House of Representatives. The senate would take 2 representatives from each state. The House of Representatives would take in representatives based on the population of a state. Since Georgia was a small state, it approved and ratified the constitution in 1788.



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